POWERT 50″ Mini Trampoline


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POWERTPOWERT 50″ Mini Trampoline

  • ✅ 【Professional and Versatile 50” Trampoline】This professional 50” mini trampoline is designed for building strength, reducing fat and boosting cardiovascular health with all the benefits of high-intensity workouts in fitness & sport training, yoga and cardio exercises; ideal for indoor and outdoor use, professional fitness studio and home gym.

  • ✅ 【3 Levels Adjustable Handrail】The Hex shaped trampoline comes equipped with an adjustable T-shaped handrail for providing balance, coordination and support when jumping. The handrail is adjustable with 3 levels from 39-47” to ideally fit your height desired.

  • ✅ 【Ultra-Durable Mat and Bungee Design】Engineering ultra-durable polyethylene jumping mat features increased durability and resistance against tears and wear, lasting for years to withstand heavily intensive use; the bungee-rope design consists of high elastic and thickened bungee-ropes(0.3” diameter), providing enhanced elasticity, stability, suspension, flexibility and especially reduced noise compared to regular metal springs.

  • ✅ 【Heavy Duty Frame with 330lb Capacity】Heavy duty steel frame and nonslip PP rebounding mat provide comfort and sturdy supports, provides for a safe & sturdy bounce with support for up to 330lbs; the high-strength and anti-slip rubber pads are good for floor protection and noise reducing.

  • ✅ 【Quick and Easy Assembly】Package comes with metal body and support legs, PP mat, bungees and handrail parts; Easy assembly in half an hour with manual and tools included in the package

Product Specs:

Color-- Black & Green

Materials-- Metal, Polyethylene

Trampoline Size: 50”

Handlebar Height: 39" to 47", 3 levels

Max. Load Weight: 330 lbs

Reasons to buy


Adjustable t-shaped handrail


Support of up to 330lbs


Heavy-duty steel frame