POWERT Pull Up Bar




Heavy duty durable and strong steel construction,Suitable for all ages Suitable for men and women.With this push up bar, home and office become your gym and you can do exercises in a quick way. Utilizing ingenious mechanics principle, the horizontal bar is fixed by the weight of the body, without any modification to the door frame, nor will it cause any damage to the door frame, because the real stress point is not on the door frame but on the wall. Perfect for upper body and core workouts. More stable and sturdy pull-up bar, more hand positions, wider range of motion, spaced away from doorway, ab straps for core workout. Material: steel & plastic. Max load:100kg/220lbs. Weight:Approx.1.6kg/3.5lbs. Please measure the installation distance before purchase: Our Pull Up bar on this door is suitable for door frame / wall thickness 3.94-9.45inch/10-24cm, inner width 22.44-34.65inch/ 57-88cm, outer width 37.4inch/95cm or more.

Reasons to buy


Designed to be mounted in a doorway


Optimizes all available space to workout


Ideal for home workouts