POWERT Weighted Medicine Ball



POWERTPOWERT Weighted Medicine Ball

  • ✅ Quality medicine ball designed for withstanding intensive use with a wide range of upper- and lower-body exercises.

  • ✅ Engineering sturdy and durable rubber material for increased durability and aging protection, lasting for years without changing the shape.

  • ✅ Solid rubber and bounce-resistant design ideal for any workouts involving passing, tossing and picking up from and to floor.

  • ✅ Black color for different weights, available in 8lbs, 10lbs, 12lbs, 16lbs, 18lbs, 20lbs, 24lbs.

  • ✅ Ergonomically textured surface for better-look, easy, comfortable and slip-resistant grip; ideal for classic medicine ball workouts.

Reasons to buy


Great for HIIT and resistance training


9 weight variations from 8lbs - 30lbs


Textured surface to enhance grip