POWERT Cast Iron Kettlebell (LB)



POWERTPOWERT Cast Iron Kettlebell (LB)

  • ✅ Solid high quality cast iron kettlebells designed for a wide range of strength training workouts.

  • ✅ Powder coated surface for better look, increased durability and corrosion protection.

  • ✅ Ergonomically wide handle for easy, comfortable and secure grip; good for one hand or two.

  • ✅ Weight clearly marked, available in 4kg(8.8 lbs), 6kg(13.2 lbs), 8kg(17.6 lbs), 10kg (22 lbs), 12kg(26.4 lbs), 16kg(35.2 lbs), 20kg(44 lbs), 24kg(52.8 lbs).

  • ✅ 100% satisfaction guaranteed for our products.

Product Specs
Height: 11.1’’, Body Diameter: 8.3’, Handle Width: 7.3’, Handle Diameter: 1.3’

Reasons to buy


Solid cast iron, built to last


Comfortable handle design


Great for home workouts