POWERT 47″ Olympic Straight Bar


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POWERTPOWERT 47″ Olympic Straight Bar

  • ✅ Professional grade Olympic straight bar with superior craftsmanship and design for intensively heavy use in fitness gym/studio or home gym; ideally suited for your biceps, triceps and forearms training.

  • ✅ Chrome finish surface for better look, increased wear-resistance and corrosion protection; constructed with solid cold rolled steel for strong structure and high durability.

  • ✅ Medium depth knurling design for easy, comfortable and secure grip when grasping, holding or lifting the bar.

  • ✅ 2” rotating sleeves with brass bushing good for reducing pressure on wrists and forearms and for loading all types of 2 inch Olympic barbell plates.

  • ✅ Versatile in using with a wide range of strength training equipment and workouts; 28mm grip diameter, 47” long, and 400 lbs capacity rating.

Product Specs:

Length:   47''

Weight Capacity:   400   lbs

Weight:   21   lbs

Grip Diameter:   28 mm

Sleeve Diameter:   2"

Reasons to buy


Spin & stability reduces wrist strain.


Comfortable and secure grip


Used for compound exercises